Hello, my name is Rosty

and I will help you design your device and bring it to mass production

Building on many years of experience with consumer electronics design and manufacturing, I can help you design your embedded system including the electrical design, mechanical design and firmware architecture.
All of this with the requirements for the final design for manufacturing (DFM) in mind.


I am capable of helping your project with the following services

Embedded Linux architecture

Based on many years of hands-on experience with embedded Linux development I am able to help you with defining the optimal solution for your needs — being it custom changes to the bootloader (U-boot or other), additional security measures, OTA firmware updates or others.

Firmware architecture

Do you need an RTOS or not? Is single-threaded application enough?
An optimal firmware architecture is crucial for a successful implementation of the required user functionality and the future development and improvements of the device.

Electrical design

Definition of the optimal electrical design is one of the key cornerstones of a successful project — it will influence not only the final user functionality but can make the whole design process fail if done inappropriately.

Mechanical design

Creating a plastic housing for your device might seem easy — reality is that fine tuning an injection moulded plastic housing is almost an art. 

Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Having a "working prototype" might sometimes be just a small part of the overall work necessary to be done on the project.
DFM is the process of turning the "working prototype" (or a "proof of concept") into something what might be mass produced.


"Details make perfection". I can help you out with all the details which are necessary part of the successful mass production process — test procedure definition (including test firmware functionality), cosmetics acceptance criteria, gift box design, etc.

My Previous Work

About me

Program Manager / Team Leader / System Architect

Even though I've graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in the field of "computer systems", electronics and embedded systems were my passion since my early childhood.

After my graduation I was working for 4 years mostly as the developer in the field of Linux BSP (board support package) and Linux kernel drivers development.
One day I got an opportunity to lead a team of engineers developing a consumer electronics device — this brought me to the world of mechanical design (injection moulding of plastic parts), design for manufacturing and mass production (mainly in China — Shenzhen or Suzhou).

You can't design and develop a consumer electronics device without a team of skilled engineers — on the other hand you can't do that without an experienced team leader either. I am here to help you out throughout the design and development phase and bring your product to the mass production. I am capable of leading a team of EE/ME/FW engineers whilst defining the electrical, mechanical and firmware architecture of the device. At the same time I can help you with managing the process of mass manufacturing.


My story

May 2019

Becoming a freelancer

Here I am — offering you my services of the consumer electronics design, development and manufacturing.
Over the past few years I've gained experience in the fields of embedded systems EE architecture, firmware architecture (either bare metal or embedded Linux), mechanical design and design for manufacturing (DFM).

August 2018

Avast Software building their first hardware

I was very happy to be part of the Avast team — a leader in consumer cyber security market with over 400 millions users.
My role was to make the design process of the custom device as smooth as possible — fulfilling all the technical requirements and starting the mass production on time.

May 2015

Angee Labs CTO

I've joined Angee in February 2015. After spending some time as the Embedded Linux developer things have turned out in the way I took the responsibility for the whole device development and delivery.
I was in charge of all the engineering whilst being a head of Embedded hardware department — making decisions about the electrical, mechanical and low-level firmware design.
My key responsibility was bringing the product to the mass production as well — this took place in Shenzhen, China.

July 2011

Research support engineer at the Czech Technical University in Prague

When I finished my studies at the university I still felt there is a lot I do not know about computer science and yet want to know.
When I got the opportunity to work at the university as an employee I did not hesitate at all and stayed there.

During my stay at the university I've participated on many interesting projects like Evaluating whether an off-the-shelf computer may be used for time-critical real-time Ethernet or Implementing queueing disciplines for CAN communication in Linux kernel or Implementing the IEEE 802.11p into the mainline Linux kernel

June 2011

Received a masters degree in Computer Engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague

I was a huge computer enthusiast since my very early childhood. First started writing some basic HTML at the age of 13, continuing with PHP, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

I've graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in the filed of "computer engineering" receiving the "Ing." (Czech equivalent of MSc.) degree.

Where you can find me most of the time


Rostislav Lisovy

Czech Republic