Electronics design

From Idea through Design to Mass Production


We help to develop a comprehensive embedded hardware architecture that meets product requirements. This includes selecting the appropriate technologies, right components and suitable suppliers.


We take accountability for the design, integration, and validation of the full system to ensure the functional, performance and quality metrics are met.


We work with trusted Original Design Manufacturers (ODM). We help build designs that can scale easily to high volume production and meet stringent time and budget requirements.


System Architecture

We work with the client to get to the heart of the system, using the product requirements as our guide to help define the engineering blocks. This includes helping to drive technology, supplier and component selections and to make the appropriate program trade-offs.

Mechanical Design

Working in partnership with the suppliers in tool design, we review and ensure successful bring ups of first parts. We take responsibility for the system assembly at the ODM to drive the necessary operating processes for mass production.

Electrical Design

We work on all aspects of the PCBA design. This includes schematics design, routing, validation and board bring up. Through rigorous design reviews and close collaboration with the vendors, we help mitigate any Design for Manufacturability (DFM) related issues.

Embedded Software Development

We help clients develop the low-level SW drivers and support packages for the Hardware Design. Our team are experts in embedded Linux, RTOS, and embedded firmware development capabilities. We work to ensure a seamless integration with the hardware.


We work cross-functionally to develop appropriate and device specific test plans. This includes engineering design validation and reliability. We ensure they are done at each phase of the development process.

Production Management

Combining broad knowledge in the areas of engineering, design, manufacturing and product management will result in supporting every stage of a product’s development. 

About The Company

The Company was founded by Rostislav Lisovy building on his 9+ years of experience with embedded systems design and development. Combination of the interdisciplinary knowledge and experience ensures finding the optimal design while fulfilling the customer requirements. His hands-on engineering experience is reaching from embedded Linux development to electrical and mechanical design. For the last few years his main focus was overall embedded systems design and development — leading teams of engineering while managing the manufacturing part with various ODMs in China.
Some of the most relevant projects he has worked on are Angee Smart Home Security Solution and Avast Omni.

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